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                                                        FLU SHOT BOOKING

1) Select "FLU SHOT BOOK HERE" below 

2) Select Provider as FLU,SHOT (Do NOT select your physicians name)

3)  Select Dates (ie October 24th to October 31st).  Flu shot clinics are held Monday to Friday.  

4)  Select Date and Time

5)  Input your information and health card number

6)  You may add any notes (ie: Child Vaccine, Flu Shot for Over 65+ etc). 

7)  You should receive a confirmation in your email.  If you do NOT receive a confirmation please do not rebook online.  Call our office and confirm your appointment has been made or not.  

You may also call the Humber River Family Health Team Weston location at 416-740-2810 during office hours.

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